This is brilliant!
This is the best designed product at the show!
The fabric is really good, but the design is great!
My worst day is when I have to change my duvet cover.
You should market this to Target so that we can all buy it.
That’s smart! Thank you! Why hasn’t someone thought of this before now?
— Attendees at Dwell on Design 2016
Ecstatic to have found this genius duvet cover. As architects we are very sensitive to design qualities - this has it all — simplicity, ingenious technical innovation, quality materials. It’s what we expect in everything we buy. I just put the new Duvation on my bed today and LOVE IT. I promptly ordered another and will be happily retiring my other duvet covers shortly.
— Blythe Mayne - Santa Monica, CA
One of the most frustrating household activities, which I dread, is changing the cover on my bed comforters. Because of the challenge of properly (and quickly) re-stuffing the comforter into the duvet cover, I probably don’t change it as frequently as I should. It’s really a pain.

After searching everywhere for an easy-to-change comforter, I came across Duvation and their easy-to-change duvet sleeve. Wow!! What a difference. The innovative double-zip design allows me to now change my duvet cover in about a minute, whereas before, the activity took me nearly ten frustrating minutes.

But the easy-to-change cover is not the only thing I love about the duvet cover; the understated design is beautiful, the fabric is top quality, and the durability is very impressive. In other words, not only does the Duvation duvet cover look great, but it is functional, too. Definitely one of the best purchases I have made in quite a while.
— Tab Edwards - New Jersey
I bought my Duvation queen size duvet cover almost 2 years ago and it still looks and feels amazing. I love it! I love how practical and quick it is to put in on with the two side zipper openings. It washes very well and the cotton is just so soft. The pillow covers are perfectly done and the seams are smooth. Beautiful, soft and comfortable. I highly recommend Duvation!
— Yasmina Ksikes - Los Angeles. CA
Nothing like being short, single, and trying to change a duvet cover. That’s where Duvation saves the day. Two zippered side openings make what used to be a dreaded experience, into one that’s quick and easy. Not to mention I have the luxury of the Peruvian cotton and the two pillow shams, which are equally easy to change. Now I can spend more time on . . . other things.
— Susie - Seattle, WA
I love my Duvation. The quality is extraordinary and the feel is luxurious! Plus the ease of use is an innovative and welcome bonus.
— David Nichols - Hollywood, CA
I love using duvets but for years I struggled to get the covers on and off of them until I tried a Duvation. Mine is pure white and I love it! So elegant, extremely soft (gotta love Peruvian cotton) and incredibly easy to remove and replace when cleaning.
— Whitney Keys - Seattle, WA
I absolutely love my Duvation. The quality of the cotton is unlike any other bedding I’ve owned. It is so easy to clean and change the bed now because of the unique side zippers which are much more accessible than a single top opening. I highly recommend Duvation. It’s well worth the investment.
— Megan G. - Boise, ID