Duvation side opening with zipper

Duvation side opening with zipper

Duvation is an innovative redesign of the classic duvet cover.

It's patented design features openings on both sides for

  • easy placement of the duvet
  • access to all four corners

reducing the frustration of changing your duvet cover.

I am often asked how I thought of this idea. Many also wonder why someone has not thought of this simple redesign before Duvation. My inspiration came from well-desgined boutique hotels, which always influenced style and comfort.

My most memorable boutique hotel experience was the comfort of the bedding. I wanted to replicate the nested feeling that particular bed provided. The duvet cover was not for sale by the hotel or a manufacturer, as it was custom made specifically for the hotel. I returned home, found a similar cotton fabric and built my own duvet cover. I then had my “boutique hotel” bedding, just like that from the hotel. Hotel to home!

This experience inspired years of making my own duvet covers. Upon remodeling my current master bedroom, I needed to make a new duvet cover. With that project lingering, I pondered why it was so difficult change a duvet cover. And just like lyrics for a songwriter, the idea for two side openings, instead of a single opening, came to my mind. I built a prototype and then a queen size sample. The application was smooth and took under 2 minutes to change.

I knew I had an idea that could ease frustration for others – from home consumers to hotel housekeeping staff. Duvation was born.  

My first collection includes a set - duvet cover and two piped pillow shams. I offer your choice of two sizes (king or queen) and two colors (white or gray) with zipper closures. Duvation is made in the Americas - invented and designed in the U.S. and is constructed with great pride and attention to detail in South America. It features quality Peruvian pima cotton percale, which is wonderfully smooth to the touch. 

Boutique hotels provided the initial inspiration for my “hotel to home” bedding creation. I hope Duvation provides you ease and enjoyment in your duvet covering experience. 

Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell_Duvation Founder_Creative Director.jpg

I am the inventor of the patented duvet sleeve and the Owner/Creative Director of Duvation®. For many years, I have pursued my passion and talents in the artistry of lifestyle and healthy living. It's important to me to create interesting and nurturing environments in my home that visually inspire. I spend my time renovating my mid-century modern home, traveling and experiencing various cultures, collecting unique treasures, growing organic food in my backyard garden and bringing forward the art of canning and food preservation.  


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